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Customer Reviews for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
Review 1 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Michigan
9 of 21 found this review helpful.
Date:May 22, 2014

Worst box of lenses even

Cons: waste of money
My review: Last year I purchased a 24 pack of these contacts, they have all been very ill fitting. I have thrown out at least 5 because the packaging has been bad. all of the others have barely lasted 2 weeks.
Review 2 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
9 of 21 found this review helpful.
Date:May 21, 2014


Tags: initial comfort
Cons: cloudy, poor vision, durability, hard to insert
My review: Used Acuvue 2 for many many years with no problems. Decided to try Advance Plus. I found them to be a little more difficult to get in your eye, but were very comfortable once I got them in. I run and sweat a lot. I noticed within a day or two, the lenses were cloudy and I couldn't see anything. Thought I may have gotten something on the lens. Put up with it for a week, then decided to toss them and put a new lens in. Within 1 day, same thing. Cloudy lenses can't see a darn thing. These lenses are horrible. I will be looking for something else.
Review 3 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Cary, IL
14 of 32 found this review helpful.
Date:April 16, 2014

20 year plus Accuvue wearer

My review: I have worn the Accuvue Advance contacts for years and loved them and had no issues. My eye doctor just recently prescribed the new Accuvue Advance Plus lenses and I have had nothing but issues. they cloud up within 1-2 days even they are recommended for 2 week wear. I would stay away from these as there is something clearly different with this new one than the previous model. I have asked my doctor for a new prescription as I can't wear this one any longer, too many issues to deal with.
Review 4 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Minnesota
23 of 45 found this review helpful.
Date:March 20, 2014

Very Unhappy

Cons: get cloudy immediately, cannot clean film off lenses
My review: I have been wearing contacts for over ten years and have never had such issues with a pair of contacts! I had been using Acuvue Oasis and liked that, but recently, my eye doctor was excited to have me try this new product. The first pair I put in immediately got gunk on the lenses. I spent the entire work day with a cloud over both lenses. I thought that pair was just a dud. Unfortunately, it happened with the second pair-- On the VERY FIRST TIME WEARING THEM. Always the optimist, I gave the last pair a try. Of course it happened with the third as well. Three pairs later and $30 poorer I am very unhappy with this new product and would like a refund. Hands down, I'd recommend the Oasis lenses, but the Advance Plus lenses are defective to say the least.
Review 5 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Dayton, OH
28 of 57 found this review helpful.
Date:March 13, 2014

Cloudy lenses with white spots

My review: I have used acuvue for years, first time using plus w/hydraclear. I will put in a lense in either eye and they get cloudy sometimes within an hour. I have literally went through 6 boxex (6 each) in 2 months. I have used clear care etc and nothing. Please help or send a replacement, I'm not the first person to experience this.
Review 6 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Lexington
21 of 46 found this review helpful.
Date:February 6, 2014

Yuck! NEVER again

Tags: haven't found one
Cons: couldy
My review: I purchased these contacts after the recommendation from my Doctor. I have been wearing contacts for 20 years and never have I had the issues I have with these. These contacts are constantly cloudy. I put in a fresh pair and within an hour they are cloudy and impairing my vision. I try to clean them, but it doesn't work. I get one use out of each lenses, and they are supposed to be weekly lenses. I really wish I would have seen the reviews before purchasing. I'm going back to my old brand.
Review 7 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Wisconsin
24 of 65 found this review helpful.
Date:November 16, 2013

Recently Tearing

My review: I have always worn Acuvue Advance Brand contacts. And have always been more than satisfied. But the last two boxes I bought I found the contacts are always tearing. Every single contact last less than 2 weeks. I haven't been doing anything differently. I have been wearing these contacts for the past 15 years and this just started. I don't know if the quality is just going down or what.
Review 8 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
4 / 5
(4 / 5)
38 of 94 found this review helpful.
Date:May 18, 2013

Great feeling for first time users!

Tags: thinner less drying out
Cons: thinner= easier to tear be gentle!
My review: I was told to try the thicker, monthly contacts first and they were ok but since I was a first time user and they were thicker I could feel them in my eye everytime I blinked. I switched to these and at first thought they irritated my eye but then come to find out I'm allergic to the Opti-free solution! Switched to the natural bio-true and the contact felt amazing! It was thin so I couldn't feel it which was nice and could throw away after 2 weeks to keep out infections which was nice. Only small worry is be gentle with them since they are thinner when you clean them. Other then that love em!
Review 9 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
41 of 94 found this review helpful.
Date:May 17, 2013


My review: I usually only review things that I love, but in this case, I could not help myself. I have worn contacts for almost 20 years and have never been so disappointed with a product. I ordered a year supply through my insurance company and am nearly out in less than 5 months because these contacts constantly tear. I am lucky to get 1 week out of them. They are hard to clean, not durable at all and irritate my eyes. I can't stand to have them in after 9pm, which is not very convenient. I currently have an irritation under my eye lid from a four day old contact that I wore yesterday. My eye lid is swollen and painful. I will never be ordering this brand of contact again... Very disappointed!
Review 10 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: New Jersey
39 of 94 found this review helpful.
Date:May 16, 2013


Tags: the seem to not dry out as fast
Cons: they cause a really nasty alergic reaction for me
My review: I have been using Acuvue 2, and then Acuvue Advance for years now, and I love them. I chose to give the Acuvue Plus a try and they were a complete disaster! At first they were fine, but within a day I noticed that my eyes were having some sort of alergic reaction to something new in the "Plus" version. They become light sensitive, and I have a hard time keeping my eyelids open all the way. It's gotten so bad that multiple co-workers started commenting that I looked "really tired" all the time.
I then switched back to the Acuvue Advance and everything was fine. One of my co-workers even said that I finally looked like I was able to get a good night sleep!!!
Anyway PLEASE do not replace the Acuvue Advance with the "Plus", I don't know what I would do!
Review 11 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
43 of 94 found this review helpful.
Date:April 25, 2013

get cloudy soon

My review: I really dislike these --they can only last me for one week and it get cloudy and make my vision blurry. I miss the previous advance hydraclear but my doctor told me it was discontunued. Very disappointed in these new "plus" version!!!
Review 12 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
Location: Seattle
37 of 77 found this review helpful.
Date:April 22, 2013

Worst Contacts I've Had In 15 years!

Tags: they're great for the first 30 minutes of wear
Cons: cloudy, seem to disintegrate, tears for no reason, lasts for less than 3 days on average
My review: These felt great for the first 2 days. Then, I had to take one of them out on the 3rd day after only a few hours. It were cloudy and painful! I took it out, cleaned it with saline, and noticed it was misshapen and the edge looked like it had torn. I did nothing to it- no eye rubbing, so sleeping in it, etc. So, I decided it was a fluke and threw it out. The next day, same thing, only with both. I've gone through a 4 months' supply in a matter of 3 weeks. I wish I could get my money back- I don't want to keep wearing these, but I can't afford to buy a different brand. I can't even afford to buy more to get me through.
Review 13 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
16 of 48 found this review helpful.
Date:April 20, 2013

Horrible, Complete waste of my money

My review: I was told by my doctor that these were better than what I was used to wearing (Acuvue Advance) and that I would love them. I have now used 3!! brand new contacts this week, all starting with the same problem. They will be fine and about 30 minutes later there will be blurriness. When I take them out to look there are two blurry spots on each contact. The first one I thought was a dud, the second one was really annoying and now the third one has extremely annoyed me enough to create an account to write a negative review. I have been wearing Acuvue contacts for 17 years and this is the first time I have had a problem with them. DO NOT BUY THESE!!
Review 14 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
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(1 / 5)
21 of 57 found this review helpful.
Date:April 16, 2013

HORRIBLE contacts

Tags: none.
My review: I have been wearing Acuvue contacts for years but will NEVER buy them again. I have gone through 4 pairs in two weeks and have thrown brand new pairs into the trash because they don't fit to my eye, have spots, or have rings around the edges. I just put in a brand new pair 30 minutes ago - at the moment I can see clearly out of one eye. The brand new pair I put in this morning had blurry spots on them after an hour that would not come off no matter how many times I cleaned them. These are by FAR the worst contacts I have ever worn.
Review 15 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: San Diego, CA
20 of 48 found this review helpful.
Date:April 9, 2013

Worst contacts EVER!

My review: I have been wearing contacts for years and have never had so much discomfort from any contacts. I have two boxes that are going to the trash, I wont even save these for emergency contacts. Very bummed out about these contacts!
Review 16 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
46 of 125 found this review helpful.
Date:December 5, 2011

Easy To Use and Comfortable

My review: These lenses are super comfy and quick for beginning users to apply and remove. It took me a couple days, but I was able to figure it out rather quickly. I frequently wear them from 8:00 AM-midnight with no problems of dryness or achiness.
Review 17 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: Pennsylvania
56 of 133 found this review helpful.
Date:July 16, 2011

My son love his contacts

My review: My son love his contacts.He plays college football and can only use contacts, he's had no problem with them.
Review 18 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
63 of 126 found this review helpful.
Date:June 29, 2011

Acuvue Oasys Hydraclear

My review: I love my contacts. I am a finish carpenter & have some dust, etc. flying in the air on occasion. It doesn't seem to bother my contacts. I just clean them & put them back in and they're fine!
Review 19 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: Winchester, Va.
122 of 188 found this review helpful.
Date:April 28, 2011

Comfort is the Word

My review: I am 70 years old and have been in contacts for 12 years mostly due to vanity and the fact that I see better with contacts.My Accuvue Advance are the most comfortable contacts I have ever used. I have been using them for 3 years and I love them. wear them over 14 hours every day due to my work schedule as a RN. Even when I visit my kids in Phoenix, AZ, I never have a dry eye feeling. I recommend these for the older set 100%. barb