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Customer Reviews for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus


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Customer Reviews for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
Review 1 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Pennsylvania
13 of 24 found this review helpful.
Date:November 20, 2014

Don't Ignore These Reviews

My review:  I've worn contacts for 15 years now including the original Acuvue, the Acuvue 2, the Acuvue Advance and the Acuvue Oasys. I ordered new contacts the other day, and they gave me the Acuvue Adavance Plus lenses by mistake. I was out of other contacts, so I figured i would try a pair. After all, how bad could they be?
BAD is the short answer! These are the most uncomfortable lenses I have ever worn. I regularly wear me lenses for 16 hours or so, but I took these out when I got home yesterday after about 10 hours and could have taken them out much sooner. They seem to collect a lot of debris on them and one of the lenses has a cloudy white spot on it after just one days wear. I tried to clean it off this morning with no luck. So now, in addition to being uncomfortable, one eye is also blurry half the time.
Do yourself a favor and get the Oasys lenses or stick with whatever you have now. If you can get a trial pair of these, then give them a shot. Maybe they will work better for you, but I would definitely not spend your money on a years worth of these lenses without trying them out first!
Review 2 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Waldorf, MD
13 of 26 found this review helpful.
Date:October 31, 2014

A waste of hard earned money

My review:  After reading the other reviews, I thought it was just me. My doctor prescribed this brand as well and they are the worse! After a couple of day of wearing, I have to throw them away. This is money down the drain and nobody should want to "waste" money. Save your money and buy something else.
Review 3 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Houston TX
24 of 56 found this review helpful.
Date:July 27, 2014

Terrible Defective Uncomfortable

My review:  My doc prescribed these because she said that Acuvue2 was being discontinued...I've been wearing contact lenses for 25 years but this is the worst pair I've ever tried...they get cloudy with weird white spots and by the end of an eight hour workday these are so dry that they are painful to wear...I tossed two trial pairs within 3 days..after removing them I had to flush my eyes with saline solution to get enough moisture back into my eyes just to blink comfortably and I have never suffered from dry eyes before...luckily my doc agreed to change my prescription back to the Acuvue 2 lenses which I love.
Review 4 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Michigan
36 of 85 found this review helpful.
Date:May 22, 2014

Worst box of lenses even

Cons: waste of money
My review:  Last year I purchased a 24 pack of these contacts, they have all been very ill fitting. I have thrown out at least 5 because the packaging has been bad. all of the others have barely lasted 2 weeks.
Review 5 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
40 of 86 found this review helpful.
Date:May 21, 2014


Tags: initial comfort
Cons: cloudy, poor vision, durability, hard to insert
My review:  Used Acuvue 2 for many many years with no problems. Decided to try Advance Plus. I found them to be a little more difficult to get in your eye, but were very comfortable once I got them in. I run and sweat a lot. I noticed within a day or two, the lenses were cloudy and I couldn't see anything. Thought I may have gotten something on the lens. Put up with it for a week, then decided to toss them and put a new lens in. Within 1 day, same thing. Cloudy lenses can't see a darn thing. These lenses are horrible. I will be looking for something else.
Review 6 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Cary, IL
46 of 94 found this review helpful.
Date:April 16, 2014

20 year plus Accuvue wearer

My review:  I have worn the Accuvue Advance contacts for years and loved them and had no issues. My eye doctor just recently prescribed the new Accuvue Advance Plus lenses and I have had nothing but issues. they cloud up within 1-2 days even they are recommended for 2 week wear. I would stay away from these as there is something clearly different with this new one than the previous model. I have asked my doctor for a new prescription as I can't wear this one any longer, too many issues to deal with.
Review 7 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Minnesota
51 of 110 found this review helpful.
Date:March 20, 2014

Very Unhappy

Cons: get cloudy immediately, cannot clean film off lenses
My review:  I have been wearing contacts for over ten years and have never had such issues with a pair of contacts! I had been using Acuvue Oasis and liked that, but recently, my eye doctor was excited to have me try this new product. The first pair I put in immediately got gunk on the lenses. I spent the entire work day with a cloud over both lenses. I thought that pair was just a dud. Unfortunately, it happened with the second pair-- On the VERY FIRST TIME WEARING THEM. Always the optimist, I gave the last pair a try. Of course it happened with the third as well. Three pairs later and $30 poorer I am very unhappy with this new product and would like a refund. Hands down, I'd recommend the Oasis lenses, but the Advance Plus lenses are defective to say the least.
Review 8 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Dayton, OH
46 of 96 found this review helpful.
Date:March 13, 2014

Cloudy lenses with white spots

My review:  I have used acuvue for years, first time using plus w/hydraclear. I will put in a lense in either eye and they get cloudy sometimes within an hour. I have literally went through 6 boxex (6 each) in 2 months. I have used clear care etc and nothing. Please help or send a replacement, I'm not the first person to experience this.
Review 9 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Lexington
37 of 80 found this review helpful.
Date:February 6, 2014

Yuck! NEVER again

Tags: haven't found one
Cons: couldy
My review:  I purchased these contacts after the recommendation from my Doctor. I have been wearing contacts for 20 years and never have I had the issues I have with these. These contacts are constantly cloudy. I put in a fresh pair and within an hour they are cloudy and impairing my vision. I try to clean them, but it doesn't work. I get one use out of each lenses, and they are supposed to be weekly lenses. I really wish I would have seen the reviews before purchasing. I'm going back to my old brand.
Review 10 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Wisconsin
42 of 102 found this review helpful.
Date:November 16, 2013

Recently Tearing

My review:  I have always worn Acuvue Advance Brand contacts. And have always been more than satisfied. But the last two boxes I bought I found the contacts are always tearing. Every single contact last less than 2 weeks. I haven't been doing anything differently. I have been wearing these contacts for the past 15 years and this just started. I don't know if the quality is just going down or what.
Review 11 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
4 / 5
(4 / 5)
57 of 134 found this review helpful.
Date:May 18, 2013

Great feeling for first time users!

Tags: thinner less drying out
Cons: thinner= easier to tear be gentle!
My review:  I was told to try the thicker, monthly contacts first and they were ok but since I was a first time user and they were thicker I could feel them in my eye everytime I blinked. I switched to these and at first thought they irritated my eye but then come to find out I'm allergic to the Opti-free solution! Switched to the natural bio-true and the contact felt amazing! It was thin so I couldn't feel it which was nice and could throw away after 2 weeks to keep out infections which was nice. Only small worry is be gentle with them since they are thinner when you clean them. Other then that love em!
Review 12 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
54 of 123 found this review helpful.
Date:May 17, 2013


My review:  I usually only review things that I love, but in this case, I could not help myself. I have worn contacts for almost 20 years and have never been so disappointed with a product. I ordered a year supply through my insurance company and am nearly out in less than 5 months because these contacts constantly tear. I am lucky to get 1 week out of them. They are hard to clean, not durable at all and irritate my eyes. I can't stand to have them in after 9pm, which is not very convenient. I currently have an irritation under my eye lid from a four day old contact that I wore yesterday. My eye lid is swollen and painful. I will never be ordering this brand of contact again... Very disappointed!
Review 13 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: New Jersey
56 of 131 found this review helpful.
Date:May 16, 2013


Tags: the seem to not dry out as fast
Cons: they cause a really nasty alergic reaction for me
My review:  I have been using Acuvue 2, and then Acuvue Advance for years now, and I love them. I chose to give the Acuvue Plus a try and they were a complete disaster! At first they were fine, but within a day I noticed that my eyes were having some sort of alergic reaction to something new in the "Plus" version. They become light sensitive, and I have a hard time keeping my eyelids open all the way. It's gotten so bad that multiple co-workers started commenting that I looked "really tired" all the time.
I then switched back to the Acuvue Advance and everything was fine. One of my co-workers even said that I finally looked like I was able to get a good night sleep!!!
Anyway PLEASE do not replace the Acuvue Advance with the "Plus", I don't know what I would do!
Review 14 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
61 of 141 found this review helpful.
Date:April 25, 2013

get cloudy soon

My review:  I really dislike these --they can only last me for one week and it get cloudy and make my vision blurry. I miss the previous advance hydraclear but my doctor told me it was discontunued. Very disappointed in these new "plus" version!!!
Review 15 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Seattle
57 of 116 found this review helpful.
Date:April 22, 2013

Worst Contacts I've Had In 15 years!

Tags: they're great for the first 30 minutes of wear
Cons: cloudy, seem to disintegrate, tears for no reason, lasts for less than 3 days on average
My review:  These felt great for the first 2 days. Then, I had to take one of them out on the 3rd day after only a few hours. It were cloudy and painful! I took it out, cleaned it with saline, and noticed it was misshapen and the edge looked like it had torn. I did nothing to it- no eye rubbing, so sleeping in it, etc. So, I decided it was a fluke and threw it out. The next day, same thing, only with both. I've gone through a 4 months' supply in a matter of 3 weeks. I wish I could get my money back- I don't want to keep wearing these, but I can't afford to buy a different brand. I can't even afford to buy more to get me through.
Review 16 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
34 of 81 found this review helpful.
Date:April 20, 2013

Horrible, Complete waste of my money

My review:  I was told by my doctor that these were better than what I was used to wearing (Acuvue Advance) and that I would love them. I have now used 3!! brand new contacts this week, all starting with the same problem. They will be fine and about 30 minutes later there will be blurriness. When I take them out to look there are two blurry spots on each contact. The first one I thought was a dud, the second one was really annoying and now the third one has extremely annoyed me enough to create an account to write a negative review. I have been wearing Acuvue contacts for 17 years and this is the first time I have had a problem with them. DO NOT BUY THESE!!
Review 17 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
40 of 98 found this review helpful.
Date:April 16, 2013

HORRIBLE contacts

Tags: none.
My review:  I have been wearing Acuvue contacts for years but will NEVER buy them again. I have gone through 4 pairs in two weeks and have thrown brand new pairs into the trash because they don't fit to my eye, have spots, or have rings around the edges. I just put in a brand new pair 30 minutes ago - at the moment I can see clearly out of one eye. The brand new pair I put in this morning had blurry spots on them after an hour that would not come off no matter how many times I cleaned them. These are by FAR the worst contacts I have ever worn.
Review 18 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: San Diego, CA
38 of 88 found this review helpful.
Date:April 9, 2013

Worst contacts EVER!

My review:  I have been wearing contacts for years and have never had so much discomfort from any contacts. I have two boxes that are going to the trash, I wont even save these for emergency contacts. Very bummed out about these contacts!
Review 19 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
63 of 165 found this review helpful.
Date:December 5, 2011

Easy To Use and Comfortable

My review:  These lenses are super comfy and quick for beginning users to apply and remove. It took me a couple days, but I was able to figure it out rather quickly. I frequently wear them from 8:00 AM-midnight with no problems of dryness or achiness.
Review 20 for ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: Pennsylvania
74 of 171 found this review helpful.
Date:July 16, 2011

My son love his contacts

My review:  My son love his contacts.He plays college football and can only use contacts, he's had no problem with them.
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