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Customer Reviews for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM


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Customer Reviews for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
Review 1 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: NY NY
12 of 13 found this review helpful.
Date:March 30, 2016

Best contacts around

Tags: Consistently clear vision, All-day comfort, Easy to handle
My review:  Go buy these now. My eyes feel like a wonderous cave of perfect eyesight.
Review 2 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
Date:July 18, 2016

Do not buy

Cons: Uncomfortable, expensive
My review:  Just recently my prescription was changed for my right eye and I had to purchase the 14 day acuvue lenses for astigmatism. These contacts rip within the first days and they are expensive. For the price, the quality should not be so poor. At first I thought it was maybe just me but with each pair that I used, there were tears. I am extremely disappointed because I never had this problem with the normal contacts I wore previously. This is ridiculous and I noticed that I am not the only one having this problem after reading the reviews.
Review 3 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Houston area
1 of 3 found this review helpful.
Date:July 13, 2016

Horrible Product

Cons: Don’t feel smooth, Hard to handle, Uncomfortable
My review:  I had such high hopes that I could lose the glasses. My attempt to wear Acuvue contacts has been 5 days of absolute frustration. I have to force myself to attempt to put them on. So far I have not managed to get them on in under 3 hours and am tired of attempting. Problems:
1.) When you have the contact right side up when you fold it, it will take the shape of a taco. Got news for you; doesn't matter which side is up or down when you fold the contact it looks like a taco. THAT IS SIMPLE GEOMETRY! The few times I have managed to get the contacts in I apparently had them reversed because I could see better with them off. Again, the "taco" test is a joke.
2.) The video explaining how to put them in. OMG! What a maddening insult! Obviously that girl has been putting in contacts for years. Nothing for those who seem to be having problems.
3.) Problems putting them on: Was told to make sure the finger I was putting them in with was dry. I have the equivalent of carpet burn on my finger from drying it, contacts still stick to my finger. About 7 of 10 attempts the contact simply flattens on the tip of my finger. When I do manage to get it on my eye it will not stick; falls off. Sticks where it shouldn't, won't stick where it should.........WONDERFUL!
4.) Told to wet fingers with solution when removing them. Can't get them to stick to my fingers. Go Figure!
5.) 30-45 minutes for my eyes to stop hurting once they are in.
6.) Vision is barely better with the contacts in than without them.
7.) Have wasted countless hours in the hopes these would work. Nothing but disappointment to show for the work.
I would keep your expectations very low when it comes to these contacts. Much of my time wasted with no results.
Review 4 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
1 of 1 found this review helpful.
Date:July 11, 2016

Bad Quality~!

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Tags: good when not defective
Cons: Hard to handle, Uncomfortable, micro-tears, rips, not wearing long enough, dries out too easily
My review:  I was prescribed these lenses by my provider due to the fact that I have astigmatism and I also need bifocals, so he thought this was a good idea to try. My trial pair I loved them. They were comfortable and worked great, however, once I ordered a 6 month supply, I found that 50% of them either developed micro-tears in the first couple of days, or ripped entirely. I have not been able to get a full 2 weeks out of any of these, as I have always had to replace them before that. As others have mentioned, they tend to get cloudy, dry and insufferable to wear longer than an 8 hour work day, and sometimes even less than that. I use the rewetting drops religiously to combat the dryness, but it does not seem to help for long. I put in a new pair (my last one in the box!) this morning and they are already bothering me 4 hours into the day. These are very thin lenses, which I guess is what makes them "breathable" but they tend to be difficult to work with and "roll" around as you try to get them on your finger to put them in. Overall, these have been the hardest lenses I have ever had to work with, and I have been wearing contacts for about 15 years now. They are only slightly less irritating to me than the Bausch and Lomb lenses I have tried in the past. That should tell you a lot, since I absolutely detested those lenses due to the discomfort they caused. I have emailed customer service about this with the details and hope to get a response. These are not cheap lenses and the quality should not be so spotty.
Review 5 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: North Little Rock, AR
8 of 8 found this review helpful.
Date:July 1, 2016

My eyes have experienced nirvana.

Tags: Consistently clear vision, All-day comfort, Easy to handle
My review:  The title....yeah, I know, lol. But in all seriousness, I have worn glasses since I was a pre-teen (not a very powerful script; mostly for blurriness at a distance). I switched to contacts during my college days and that was a big, tear filled, red eyed disaster! I was using so many contact lens drops, I finally said "This is ridiculous." I went back to glasses. I gave contacts another try a few years later with the same results and went right back to glasses, vowing that was the last time. Then, I heard about Oasys for Astigmatism and gave them a shot. They were, hands down, the best contacts I have ever placed in my eyes, not perfect, but good. I actually slept in them (something I was fearful to do). When the hydraclear plus was introduced for Astigmatism, I switched to those. I new I had found what I needed. It was like these were made for my eyes. They are comfortable (so much so, I forget they are there). I was amazed at the clearness and the detail I had been missing. To be perfectly honest, I drove the same road I do every day and saw the same trees and signs along the way to pick up an put in my contacts. On the way home the trees were different. I could see individual leaves from the road! I thought the way that I was seeing was normal; it quickly became clear to me that it was not. I passed the turn off to my house and kept driving, looking at trees and leaves, and road signs that I could read at distance and anything else I could set my eyes on (safely, lol). I wear these for days, sleeping in them all the while. A drop in each eye in the morning and I am good to go. My eyes say "Thank you!"
Review 6 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: Baltimore, MD
5 of 5 found this review helpful.
Date:June 16, 2016

Buyer beware

Cons: poor vision, Uncomfortable, Hard to handle, Don’t feel smooth, dry quickly, painful
My review:  Like many of the people here, I have a TERRIBLE experience with these lenses. I've worn contacts for for about 15 years, and I used to wear them everyday. Now I only wear contacts to go to the gym (so at most I'm wearing these 1-2 hours per day, 4-6 days a week). Even with such limited used, these are awful. My vision typically blurry when I wear these until I take them out, soak them in solution then put them back in repeatedly, hoping they find the "sweet spot." They dry out when I have them in within 20 minutes, after which they painfully sting my eyes each time I blink. These has happened with every pair of contacts that I've opened. The lenses quickly become lopsided, as if they had dried out and could no longer retain a round shape. This is probably related to sections of the lens becoming stiff and gummy, which you can feel if you rub it between your fingers. I've NEVER had problems with a pair of new contact lenses before, but I've consistently had problems with each pair of my 6-month supply. Acuvue needs to recall these or something, I feel like they are damaging my eyes if they are in for more than 2 or 3 hours. I cannot fathom having to wear these all day, it would be inhumane.
Response from ACUVUE:By AcuvueConsumer CareJune 17, 2016
We're sorry to hear this, as it's definitely not what we'd expect from our products. We'd like to learn more about what happened. Please give us a call at 800-843-2020, Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM ET. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Review 7 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
4 / 5
(4 / 5)
18 of 22 found this review helpful.
Date:March 23, 2016

bad set

My review:  Have used these contacts for a while now, at the end of the last box, and the first few of the next box, have had problems with the contacts getting blurry to early, and also had a few tear after about 6 days. They last longer if i sleep in them, at least one to two nights, then take them out for one night, i know i shouldn't do that, but can't afford to go thru contacts twice as fast. Have really enjoyed these contacts until now, am seeing others going thourgh the same issues.
Review 8 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
17 of 19 found this review helpful.
Date:March 1, 2016


Tags: Consistently clear vision, All-day comfort
Cons: quality control issues
My review:  I love the feel of the contact, but the right contact in my prescription tears very easily. I thought it was one box, so I ordered another and it's the same result.
This appears to be a manufacturing issue, and everyone on this list complaining of the same thing should have their lenses replaced.
Response from ACUVUE:By Customer Relations March 2, 2016
Dear Jbridge
You recently wrote to us concerning your experience with ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. We would like to resolve your issue and need to speak with you directly, so we can collect some important information. Please call us toll-free, at 1-800-843-2020, Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
o Please have the following information available for the call: Reference ID number ( REF ID# 1-1095475687)
o Contact Lens provider’s name and telephone number
o Contact Lens carton or package

Based on our discussion, we may need to ask you to return the reported contact lenses to us for evaluation.

Thank you. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to speaking with you.

Review 9 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
18 of 18 found this review helpful.
Date:February 16, 2016


Cons: poor vision, several rips, fuzzy/foggy
My review:  I wish I would have read the reviews on these contacts first. I have worn contacts for 32+ years. My eye Dr. moved me to these because my other brand is no longer available. Within the 1st week, one of the contacts was already ripped. Put in another one & the same thing, ripped within a week. I have not ripped a contact in probably 30 years. So, it seems that the quality of these contacts is not good. Not to mention that they look hazy at times, like there is a fog or something on them. I have to keep blinking/squinting to get them into focus & then they go fuzzy again. I am highly DISAPPOINTED in these & will be returning to my eye doctor to see if we can find another brand to use. I have never had such problems with contacts in the past!
Review 10 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
7 of 11 found this review helpful.
Date:October 27, 2015

Good product

Tags: Consistently clear vision, All-day comfort
My review:  I recommend it to everybody.
Review 11 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
Location: Brazil
5 of 7 found this review helpful.
Date:October 27, 2015

Very much good

Tags: Consistently clear vision, All-day comfort, Easy to handle, Good value
My review:  The lenses is confortable, durable and manageable.
Review 12 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: New Jersey
56 of 73 found this review helpful.
Date:July 10, 2015

Terrible quality control

Cons: Hard to handle, Uncomfortable, rip after 3 days
My review:  I ordered two boxes of these lenses..... What a waste of money. I don't know if i got a "bad batch" or not as there seems to be a fair number of positive reviews, however my lenses were terrible. 1st - none of them lasted longer than 3 days without ripping. 2nd one pair would be clear and another pair would be hazy and foggy. 3rd I was unable to wear these for longer than 8 or 9 hours. They get so incredibly dry that they are unbearable even with drops. The only pro I experienced was the one pair that was actually clear corrected my vision very well. I would be willing to try them again if I could find another set that wasn't foggy.
Review 13 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
48 of 60 found this review helpful.
Date:June 13, 2015

Acuve Oasys worst lens so far!

Cons: Hard to handle, poor vision
My review:  The advanced for astigmatism was probably the best lens I have worn. Now, they have discontinued it and are trying to force you into the Oasys. Which, I have tried. I get alot of build up on them only after wearing them for 5 or 6 hours. So, now I have to switch contact brands. I'm thinking cooper vision.
Review 14 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
4 / 5
(4 / 5)
Location: Brazil
15 of 25 found this review helpful.
Date:March 3, 2015


Tags: All-day comfort, Consistently clear vision, Good value, Easy to handle
My review:  I feel awesome with Acuvue Oasys.
This is the perfect lenses for me.
Review 15 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
4 / 5
(4 / 5)
42 of 46 found this review helpful.
Date:February 26, 2015

Simply does its job

Tags: Easy to handle
Cons: slightly uncomfortable
My review:  These lenses are not perfect all the time, but they do a good job. I have found that you CANNOT wear them for over 2 weeks. ALWAYS get the pure moist solution. Dump the solution and rinse the lens case EVERY morning with new SOLUTION, NOT WATER. Also change the case every month or so. That is literally the only way they will stay comfortable all day long and aren't blurry. Yes, the solution is costly, but we're talking about eyes here. Improper wear can lead to some serious issues! Also try not to overwear them in a day! After wearing them for about 10 hours they can be uncomfortable!
Review 16 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
22 of 29 found this review helpful.
Date:February 10, 2015

Try something else.

Cons: Don’t feel smooth, poor vision, Uncomfortable, extra dryness
My review:  I have been wearing contacts for fifteen years now and these are by far the worst. I have never had dryer eyes in my life. I saw another 'poster' who had a similar experience to me. My vision is constantly cloudy while wearing them! I have spent so much money on eye drops over the last nine months that I have been using these it is unbelievable. They are also ridiculously thick! They are painful by the end of the day! No problems whatsoever in regards to ripping because of how thick they are. Do not order these if you don't have to!!
Review 17 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
Location: IL
26 of 31 found this review helpful.
Date:February 3, 2015

Nothing but problems

Tags: nothing
Cons: poor vision, Uncomfortable, burry vision
My review:  Unless you like blurred vision, these are are not for you. They are awful. I almost always have issues within 10-20 minutes of putting a fresh pair in. I have not had issues with them tearing as others have described. I fall into the category that questions Acuvue's quality control. I constantly have to adjust, remove or re-wet the contact to avoid having blurred vision. If I am out and about and my lens becomes blurry, I am forced to deal with it. In my current "6 month supply" I have easily thrown out 3-4 paris on the first day due to issues. I will occasionally get a set that is PERFECT. I wont have a single problem for 2 weeks (sometimes longer.) However, that is maybe 1 in 3 pairs. 33% is absolutely terrible when you consider the cost. I won't even go into the fact that they're nearly impossible to wear for an entire day. My eyes feel like they're on fire if I have them in much longer than a normal work day. I have been wearing my glasses more often because I can actually see the whole time (every time) I wear them. I have an eye appointment this week, and I plan on asking for something else this time.
Review 18 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
5 / 5
(5 / 5)
15 of 26 found this review helpful.
Date:December 20, 2014

Love them

Tags: All-day comfort, Good value, Easy to handle
My review:  I wore gas perm contacts for 20 years and my eyes couldn't handle them anymore. I was paying a lot of money for contacts and was never wearing them. My eye doctor recommended I try the Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism w/Hydroclear Plus and I could not be happier! They are so comfortable that I forget that I have them in...which is only a problem when I am going to bed and realize I forgot to take them out and have to walk back downstairs to take them out. I am so thankful my doctor recommended these contacts! My eyes are happy!
Review 19 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
1 / 5
(1 / 5)
32 of 47 found this review helpful.
Date:November 6, 2014

Not so great!

Cons: Hard to handle, rip too easily
My review:  This is my first time wearing contacts, I am very disappointed with these contacts. Out of 6 pairs, I have only been able to wear 1 pair for the full 14 days. After about a 6 days they rip or have a film on them and become blurry. They seem to be very flimsy and rip too easily. I have an appointment with my eye dr. next week and will ask to try out a different brand.
Review 20 for ACUVUE OASYS® 2-Week for ASTIGMATISM
2 / 5
(2 / 5)
30 of 54 found this review helpful.
Date:October 27, 2014

4.6 out of 6? Really?

Tags: works great when you get a "good" one.
Cons: Hard to handle, tears easily, not eligible for price promotions
My review:  I actually wonder how this lens has a 4.6 out of 6. Looking at the reviews, maybe the quality of the lens used to be better? The fit is not the concern, but the quality is. My daughter is very conscientious about her lenses and these lenses seem to be either a "good" one or a "bad" one. You never know what you will get each time you open a new one. It seems we are getting just as many "lemons" as we are getting good lenses. It is getting really old having the lenses tear so often. We have looked for any reason they might be tearing on our end, but every time, it comes back to the quality of the lens. It is great when we get a "good" lens, but wasteful, costly, and very disappointing when we get the duds.
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